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Ya know that feeling that always hits you on Sunday evening after a great weekend – one you have been looking forward to and counting down to for several weeks?  Well, it hit me kinda early this Sunday.  It is actually coming from the end of a couple weeks of awesome.  It all started Labor Day weekend.  I got to spend a weekend in Charleston, SC with some of the most awesome girls I know, celebrating Silvia’s bachelorette weekend.  We had an awesome time…soaking up the sun all day on Folly Beach…

…desserts and coffee at Kaminsky’s – YUM…drinking good wine and eating delicious food at High Cotton (finally – SC shrimp and grits for me!)…drinks on the rooftop bar overlooking the beautiful city…and dancing the night away.

So, not only was that an awesome long weekend…but it led to an extra short work week.  It’s so nice to have Monday off work, and it’s even nicer to have Monday off work and to know that your family is coming to visit on Thursday night.  It basically cuts your short work week down from 4 days to about 2…maybe 2 1/2 if you’re lucky.  All you get is Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday you’re too excited thinking about your visitors and texting non-stop to see where they are on the road trip to think about work.  And Friday is obviously shot because now all you can think about is getting home, where the rest of your family is hanging out WITHOUT you.

So, Michael and I finally made it through work on Friday and then had an awesome weekend with Mom, Dad, Tyler, Tanner, and Kirby.  We hung out by the pool all afternoon, took em out to a nice casual Baton Rouge restaurant for dinner, played some board games, went out for a nice 4 mile run around the LSU lakes on Saturday morning, and then it was time to prepare for the game!  Mom and I spent several hours preparing a delicious spread of food for the afternoon USC-UGA game.

After an exciting (and happy-ending) football game, we just got some time to chill around the house.  And now they’re all gone…except Tyler…who we’re stuck with for a while.  They got up bright and early to get started on the drive, and after we gave hugs and sent them on their way, we climbed back in bed.  This is how it felt when we woke up for the second time…as described by Tyler…

…except for without all the mean family and all the excitement at the end.  Basically just that our family had disappeared.

Well, I could be sad and just think about everything I was looking forward to that has come and gone, OR I could think about all the awesome and exciting things we have to look forward to now.  So, here goes…a quick rundown of our upcoming weekends…

Sept. 16-18:

A muddy 3 mile trail run race for Kendall and Ultimate Frisbee Sectionals for Michael in Tupelo, MS.

Sept. 30-Oct. 1

Michael’s birthday weekend!  Nothing planned yet, but it will obviously be a great time!

Oct. 7-9

Kendall’s 1/2 Marathon (ahhh…not quite ready!) and Michael’s Ultimate Frisbee Regionals in Little Rock, AR.

Oct. 14-16

Road trip to Starkville, MS to see the Gamecocks play!  We’ll be meeting up with Karli and her crew and maybe Gopal!  Woohoo!

Oct. 21-23

Silvia and John’s get MARRIED in Columbia!  We are so excited about getting to celebrate with them and being back in Columbia with all our best college friends!  It’s going to be epic!  (Check out the website linked above and MAKE SURE you sign the guest book…it’s very very important and will make John and Silvia very happy).

Looks like a pretty good line up.  I guess the end of a good weekend is not so sad after all.


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Over the weekend of December 17th-19th we were graced by the presence of our old friends Jon Gilliam and Samantha Osteen. Jon and I went to high school together and have been close ever since. He and Sam started dating this past summer and she has dived right into the group that is made up of my high school buddies and their wives. Jon is attending grad school at Texas and was driving home to Atlanta for Christmas break. Sam flew out to meet him and accompany him on the drive back so Jon and I planned for them to stop for the weekend in Baton Rouge. The following is an account of the events that transpired.


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This post is going to be a little bit of a burden to write, simply because I have yet to introduce you to the Rimboyz. That creates a serious problem because encapsulating the Rimboyz into a single part of a single blog post is like trying to catch the anger and vitriol seething from Williams-Brice stadium any time USC is hosting the Battle of the Palmetto State with a butterfly net.

Long story short, the Rimboyz are the biggest, baddest gang to ever hit the streets of North Fulton County. They also happen to be seven of my best friends in the world.

After we graduated college we, upon the suggestion of Hace Cargo, entered into a covenant friendship. What we consider this to be is a friendship that is beyond your average buddy-buddy feeling. This is an intentional relationship between eight guys to invest in each other spiritually and emotionally. Part of the covenant was to do everything within our power to spend some face time with each other at least once a year.

It only took one year after graduation for us to realize just how difficult that part of the covenant was going to be. However, this year we accomplished it, by spending last weekend at Jon Gilliam’s lakehouse. This is the story of that weekend.


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In case you can’t tell from the photo, the tournament, and the rest of this weekend was a blast.


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We’re back from Birmingham and man was it a blast. If you can’t sense the sarcasm in my words, then clearly you didn’t watch the game.

That’s all the bitter, South Carolina fandom you’re going to get out of me because the trip was a blast.


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