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Mckinley Frisbee

We were home for the holidays this year and, while I’m not going to take the time now to tell you about it, man did we have some fun. The holidays are only relevant insofar as they lead to a fantastic segué for what I’m hoping to write about for this entry.

We get three Christmases when we start in Atlanta on Christmas morning.

From about 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. we do things the traditional Aguilar way. We open presents one-at-a-time as they are handed out by my father. It takes quite some time but the pace of it can be nice. You get to watch each individual reaction so you don’t miss the small moments (like when Sie Deen doesn’t realize that a playbill to a Broadway play means that she and James are going to see the play… ON BROADWAY).

Then we drive to Lugoff, S.C. and do Christmas the Williamson Sr. way. The entire extended family gathers into the living room of Grandma and Grandpa Williamson and everyone opens presents from the Grandparents and the Grandparents open presents from everyone. It creates this fantastic atmosphere of glee as 20+ people rip open gifts and then those 20+ people enter this chaotic merry-go-round of trying to see just what everyone got in the small space of 30 minutes.

Finally, after gorging on Christmas lunch, we head back to Aiken, where everyone else has already examined their “piles” yet done the favor of leaving them, more or less, where they were found for our viewing pleasure. All that’s left to do after we arrive is to watch Mom and Dad open their presents from the kids. It’s an overwhelming aura of Christmas joy and spirit that, quite frankly, is more and more stunning upon every viewing.

One common thread throughout the entire experience is the character that I’m dubbing Guilty Patriarch.

At each and every familial stop, the relative patriarchs lament many of the gifts they receive as too extravagant, too much, too expensive, too unnecessary. It’s an endearing sight because these men are in every circumstance, monetarily at any rate, the sole reason Christmas stands the way it does in every house. Yet, all four of them (both Fathers and both Grandfathers) feel that they deserve the least of all those present.

It’s hard to understand growing up and even as a young man. That is until you finally receive that gift that you really don’t feel like you deserve or need and the only reason you finally come to terms with accepting it is that your loved ones convince you that it’s the right thing for you. Such was the case this year as I unwrapped a brand new laptop from Kendall.

I was overwhelmed with guilt immediately and began considering just how much that hunk of metal cost and whether or not I really needed or deserved it. What else could we buy with that money? What kind of trip could I take her on? Those questions and more plagued my mind and led to a not-so-desirable reaction of, “You really shouldn’t have!”

Nonetheless, Kendall convinced me that I deserved it and here I am typing this entry on that all-too-expensive hunk of metal. I’ve reconciled that if I’m going to let her spend this much money on me, I’m going to make good use of it. So, while my 6 year old lap top was a little too worn down to handle all the videos and pictures that I would have otherwise wanted to include in blog posts like this one, I’m dedicating myself to not only writing more but making it visually appealing and engaging. If I don’t… Man, will I feel guilty.

This leads to an entirely different side of being a father that I feel, mostly jokingly, that I recently experienced. That is the Proud Father. You know, the guy in Leave it to Beaver who sits in the stands and shouts, “That’s my boy! That’s my son out there!” The father who parades his children’s drawings around as if they are a thousand Van Goghs just waiting for the auctioneer to come take them away. That was me on our back deck this afternoon.

You may or may not know (you certainly didn’t read about it on this blog) that Kendall and I just had a huge life experience in the purchase of our first dog, McKinley. There’s plenty that we can discuss on that general subject at a later time. However, McKinley had a big moment in her life as she played fetch with a frisbee successfully for the first time. Now, to many, this may seem like a natural course of action in a dog’s life and that may actually be the case but when the frisbee is as important to you as it is to this family, it’s a moment worth documenting.

So, without further adieu, I present McKinley’s First Frisbee Fetch!

On a desperately awkward sidenote, it’s become readily apparent to me that I’ve lost the writing touch in my absence from the blogging world. I apologize for the dry state of this piece and I can only hope and pray that, from this moment forward, things will liven up a little bit.


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