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Our … Friends

New Year's Eve

Here are some faces that, if you know us, you may not have seen in awhile… or ever. These are our … Friends.

We spent New Year’s Even in Tampa (a fine meeting place if you’re trying to see the Gamecocks play football) with some old friends from Baton Rouge. The above group of people, Gopal, Richard, Elise, Mark, Dickson, Kendall and I (plus a few more) spent more or less every weekend together while we all lived in the same area code. However, we were slowly but surely separated by time and professional obligations; Dickson and Elise moved to Naples, Richard (whom you may remember from earlier in this space) to Detroit, Gopal and Mark to Findlay.

When we saw everyone this last weekend, it was the first time that we had spent time together, as anything resembling the whole group of us, in well over a year. It was very early into the two days together that things were returning entirely to normal as DooDoo played wingman to Gopal, Dickson and Gopal argued about USC/UGA, Elise and Kendall squealed and danced to terrible pop songs (I totally didn’t though), and Mark made jokes about the guys “parashatting” into the stadium.

When I talked to my Dad about the weekend, I started to say, “It was great to see all the ____________ friends again.” Then I came to the realization that I couldn’t fill in the blank. We are at a point in our lives where friends now defy labels. So far, we’ve had our high school friends, our college friends, our Ultimate friends and so on and so forth. It seems that everyone has had a reason to be your friend. Once you escape all of those seemingly predetermined destinations in life, your friends become just that, your friends.

So, while I think that some part of me will still seek to define who these people are to me, I can be sure of one thing: these are my … Friends and just as much as they are undefined so is this stage in life. I sure am glad that they’re around for us to walk through these undefined 20-something time.

Outback Bowl


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How We’re Doing

I was spurred on by a close friend asking what happened to the series “The Greatest Month in the History of Awesome” to post an update on the blog.

I realize that it has been quite some time since we updated you on how things were down in BRLA (Baton Rouge, La). As a matter of fact, neither Kendall nor myself have spent any time pontificating on married life in this writing space. This is a huge shame. I hope to return to it soon but for now you will receive only the briefest of brief updates.


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So, you may or may not be aware of this rather important event coming up in our lives.

Through a long string of events that need not be explained here it turned out that I was going to be driving east two weeks before the wedding with no real reason to return and nothing really to do. This left me with something that I simply cannot stand for, free time.

In order to combat this free time I began making plans, deciding that I was going to need to embark on an epic roadtrip full of family, friends and personal reflection prior to embarking on an even more epic journey of life with my beautiful bride-to-be.


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