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Occasionally, I have epiphanies. Generally they are random and make little to no sense to anyone but myself. Such as the epiphany of how marriage is based on the same idea as a zone defense in Ultimate frisbee. However, I generally feel a burning need to share them with someone… anyone. Since Kendall is out of town this weekend and preoccupied with more important things, this blog is left as my only audience when I have an idea that won’t let me sleep.

Tonight was a rough night at work. I made starkly less money than I, or any other server, is accustomed to on a Saturday night at our establishment. This can always weigh heavily on you but it seemed even worse since not a single person that had come through my three meager tables on this night had left unhappy. Everyone left with a smile on his/her face, having enjoyed each other’s and my company. Unfortunately, everyone was also leaving with his/her money still in his/her wallet. Leaving me little wiggle room for groceries this week.

This can be a degrading feeling as a person. There is a certain appeal to serving for me, the knowledge that I am getting rewarded for work that I have done is very exciting. On the flip side, equally and perhaps even moreso depressing for me is when I do the work but am not rewarded. As strange as it seems, since it’s only a dead end job, this can leave one struggling with feelings of self-worth.

“Was my time invested really only worth four dollars? Am I just not good enough for a bigger tip? Can I be so easily tread upon?”

Generally, when I’m struggling with these issues at work, I try to voice them in a funny way that will make everyone else laugh and get my mind off of the fact that I’m not quite sure how I’m going to pay for my oil change. This often involves hyperbole.

My weapon of choice tonight as I walked back into the cafe and was greeted by several other servers:

“Will someone please tell me something that makes it feel like my life was worth living tonight.”

Then my world was blown apart.



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Once again, we’ve gone way too long in between updates. Alas, such is life during this rather busy time. I’ve started three or four entries in the last month, only to get a paragraph into them before realizing I’m supposed to be doing something else entirely.

Our spiritual life has taken a bit of center stage recently, be it our premarital counseling with Clyde Godwin or just a general increase in our spirtual awareness (a necessity as the wedding day approaches), we are drawing closer to the Lord all the time.

Here are three specific instances that really opened our (my) eyes recently.


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