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It is interesting the lessons that we have to learn.

Few things in my life make me more angry than those who don’t appreciate another’s work. I point you to this post on the blog I keep for Ultimate frisbee. The first comment doesn’t say anything about how the coverage is nice to read in a coverage starved sport. It doesn’t say, “Nice job.” All it says is: “WHERE’S ARE THE WOMEN’S UPDATES.”

It’s times like this that truly try my patience. In defense of the Ultimate frisbee reading community, there were comments that thanked me for my efforts. I always have to ask myself what is going through the mind of the person that asks for the women’s updates. How are they not satisfied? If I somehow managed to put up women’s updates, would this person then not be the first to complain about the quality or lack of depth to the men’s updates?

Tonight, I was that person.

I really do enjoy my job. However, I’ve been having a rough stretch the last couple of weeks. Supposedly everyone in Louisiana is saving their money for Mardi Gras, at least that’s what I’ve been told. My tips have certainly suffered for the last three or four weeks, tonight marking the first time since I worked at the restaurant that I’ve made less than 10 dollars an hour on tips alone.

A situation arose and I made it plenty clear to my manager that I was quite displeased with the way things went. I also made it clear that I believed the problem that arose was a direct result of a lack of structure at the restaurant as a whole. Before you go thinking that I was mouthing off with no basis, this manager and I have developed a working friendship. This is someone who I feel comfortable being honest and open with.

He, to my surprise, responded quite negatively to my opinion. In fact, he responded in a sarcastic and bitter manner. After realizing that neither of us were happy with where the conversation was headed we left for our respective corners only to reconvene and apologize to each other for the manner with which we dealt with the situation.

At this point, after talking the whole thing out with him, I realized that I had done exactly what it was that I hated so much. The restaurant has been making many changes in order to make our lives as servers easier. I neglected to appreciate all those changes and decided to focus on the negative. I turned into the type of person that brought me to my knees as the sports editor of my college newspaper and infuriates me in any other aspect of my life.

It took me a half hour of nighttime exercise to realize just how much my actions tonight disgust me. Suffice it to say that I’m quite disappointed in myself. However, I am grateful for a God-given conscience that will make me feel the pain that I inflict when I inflict it. I hope that I can put forth a better effort in this area in the future.

I aim to post some of my creative writing here every now and then. After working through tonight’s problems while working out at midnight. I couldn’t help but remember this piece that I wrote for a creative writing class my junior year in college. I don’t expect many of you to read this but Mom might like it.



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