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According to The Humane Society:

However, if efforts to treat the illness or behavioral problem fail and the animal is not showing signs of recovery, some shelters may not have the resources to continue treatment and may not have access to a reputable rescue group or foster home. In some of these cases, euthanasia may be warranted.

Holtz has never been known for his raw intelligence or integrity. However, since first appearing as an analyst on ESPN Lou Holtz’ self-righteousness and ignorance of the world around him has only gotten worse. It has gotten to the point that even Mark May sounds like he’s making sense next to the wrinkly shell of a man that is Lou Holtz. Even fans of the programs that he led to prominence are losing their patience with the man.

College football fans, this is a tough thing to say and most likely even a tougher thing to hear. It is time for us to put Lou Holtz down. He’s lived a long and happy life and we loved him well. As they say on the farm though, he’s outlived his usefulness. It’s the only humane thing we can do.


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