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Game Day Food

Yup, its definitely here.  Fall.  That means cooler weather (what? 54 degrees in BR tonight???), a new wardrobe…jeans and sweatshirts finally! and FOOTBALL.  And besides football just being awesome, you’ve also got tailgating and awesome game day food. One of the things I miss most about living near family is watching Carolina games at home.  The best part of this is obviously the game, but in a very close second is the game day food planned out and prepared by my mom.  She has an awesome selection of game day food recipes, and she really goes all out with them.  There is always a spread appearing to be enough for 20+ people for just the 8 of us.  I have really missed this tradition since living here in Louisiana and mom often texts me pictures of the food, which makes me miss it even more.  Well, this weekend, she’s bringing her game day food expertise to Louisiana, and Michael and I could not be more excited.  Most of the family will be coming to move Tyler down for the weekend, and so we’ll all be together to watch the USC-UGA game on Saturday.  Michael and I have already been dreaming and drooling over the food we’ll have on Saturday.

So what are some of our game day favorites?  Here’s a couple must-have usuals along with some new recipes I am thinking about trying out this weekend…YUM!

Boiled Peanuts: Mom’s weekly tradition in the fall.  On any Saturday in the fall, you can walk in the Williamson house and are guaranteed to walk out smelling like boiled peanuts.  You can also almost always find mom bragging about it on Facebook on Saturdays.

The must-have game day snack

Chicken strips/nuggets:  This weekend it will be either Chick-Fil-A or Canes (Louisiana’s pride and joy: a Zaxby’s knock-off).  At home, I’d be hoping for Wife Saver…so good!

Chick-Fil-A nuggets...always a favorite

Mozzarella Sticks: Michael and I have been wanting to try out a new recipe for homemade mozzarella sticks with our mini fryer!  This mozzarella ball version looks pretty yummy!



Deviled Eggs: So good!  And fun to make!  Also, Michael just finished explaining to me the wonderful health benefits of eating eggs every day…so perfect!

Beautiful deviled eggs

Pizza Dip: A crowd favorite at the Williamson’s.  This ooey-gooey mixture of cream cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni, and melted mozzarella is perfect to snack on during the game.

Paula Deen’s Fried Pickles: Wow, just found this recipe.  One of my most favorite fried foods!


Veggie Tray: Ok, maybe we’ll be healthy and have a few green items on the plate.

Our greens for the day

Buffalo Chicken Dip: Thanks for Andy Mac for this recipe!  Karli passed it along to us, and it is oh-so-good.  Pretty simple…cream cheese topped with a shredded chicken, buffalo sauce, and ranch mixture with melted cheddar cheese on top.  Yum.

Peach Crumb Bars: This one’s for papa.  Dad’s a big fan of fruit desserts and I’m really looking forward to trying this one out on him.


Alright gang…what do you think?  Looks like a perfectly balanced, delicious game day meal to me.

Please get here Saturday.


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Every now and again, I see things that take me back to another place and time. I plan on documenting those things here.

At the University of South Carolina there is a day, one day, every week, where all differences at the University are set aside in pursuit of one thing and one thing only.

Chicken Fingers and Curly Fries.

Every Wednesday throughout college, I would drop everything in order to grab some chicken fingers and curly fries. I wasn’t the only one though. It didn’t matter whether you were black or white, gay or straight, Christian or atheist, Math major or English major, athlete or chemical engineer, Carolina fan or Clemson fan, girl in Ugg boots or anti-Ugg boots, fun person or accounting major, all of those differences meant nothing in the face of Chicken Finger Wednesday.

Among my friends that would congregate every Wednesday for CFW, or Chibby Fibby Wibby as it also came to be known, were Grayson Mathis, Danny Caudy, Telly Davakos, Amy Fraley, Joel Baroody, Ben Hartzell, Tyler Williamson and many, many others.

When looking at Chicken Finger Wednesday from an outside (read: graduated) perspective, it’s hard to answer the question: Why? The simple answer is that the chicken fingers and curly fries were delicious. However, you can get delicious food just about anywhere at just about anytime. No, no, this was something more, something greater.

Perhaps it was just the fact that CFW masqueraded as a time that we could plan our weeks around as an excuse to spend some time together. I know that for the last four semesters of college I made my schedule such that I would have space for lunch on Wednesday. I also think it was for the fellowship.

Almost no one ate lunch alone on Chicken Finger Wednesday. On almost any other day, you could walk through the Russell House and see people studying or grabbing a quick bite to eat between classes. On Wednesday though, you’d be lucky to find a table and you could look around and see gangs of students sitting together, laughing and talking while devouring the fine fried morsels that Sodexho so lovingly prepared.

I think one of the beautiful things about CFW is that I cannot remember a single moment or story that really stands out. I could tell you hundreds of stories about the guys that I lived with, or working at the college newspaper, or playing Ultimate, or intramurals, or football games that stand out and illustrate why I loved those things. However, CFW was all about a constant. It was a normal thing that was anything but normal. All we ever did at CFW was sit and talk and eat chicken fingers but, somehow, its lack of memorability is what makes it so memorable.

I was reminded of CFW thanks to the episode of NBC’s Community that is below. I encourage anyone who went to the University of South Carolina to watch it, because you will simply think to yourself, “Why didn’t I do something like that? I could have had all of Gamecock nation in the palm of my hand…”

Then again, Chibby Fibby Wibby is most likely above that kind of corruption in reality.

I raise my glass to you Chicken Finger Wednesday.

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I think one of the best things that this blog is going to generate is an increased knowledge of somethings that we just might never have the occasion tell you about in person. For instance, I’m a man of habit, especially when it comes to food. If I find something I like at a restaurant, chances are I’m going to get it every time I go there. Waffle House: All-Star Special: Eggs: Scrambled with Cheese, Hashbrowns: Covered (with Cheese), Waffle, Sausage Patties. Yes, that is in the exact order that the server will ask you what you want with your All-Star Special.

One day, they will call it the Michael Aguilar All-Star. What I need to accomplish in my life in between now and then will have to be great, but I’m up for the challenge.

Anyway, I’ve been longing to go to restaurant that Kendall and I visited in New Orleans when she worked here last summer. Its name, as you probably have gathered, is the Crescent City Brewhouse.


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