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Let us say, just for the sake of argument, that I were to walk up to you and, without warning, squirt dog crap into my hand and then proceed to smear it on top of your head and shape your hair into whatever shape I find most appealing. Then I attempt to convince you to buy the tube of dog crap because of the beautiful shape it has brought to your head.

This is the exact same plight that I face every single time I go into the barbershop. Any barber shop, anywhere.

I’m not sure if there is something that I do prior to walking into the shop that really sets off alarms that say, “This guy needs some gel in his hair.” Perhaps I have really ugly hair and no one around me has the guts to tell me so. Alas, I wonder why it is okay for barbers to smear greasy goops of glob into my hair without asking if I want them to or not.

This does not apply to any other social situation.

If I ask a tailor to hem up my pants, he certainly will not dye my jacket another color without asking.

If I ask a fast food place for a burger and fries, the person behind the counter will, most likely, not force feed me a milkshake.

So, the question remains, what is it about the position that barbers are in that make them think that, when I ask for a hair cut, I am also asking for hair gel? Or any other substance (shape holder? What is that?)?

This is the question that plagues me at the moment.

As far as livelihood Kendall and I are quite enjoying being around one another. You certainly miss out on the little things about a relationship when you are so far away from each other. At the moment I have two appointments to visit apartments tomorrow morning and I have had one job interview and numerous other (mis)adventures when it comes to the job market.

For the time being, Kendall is continuing to truck along in her infinite ability to succeed in just about whatever it is she is attempting to do and I am doing my best to help her out around the house while I have nothing else to do. For instance, I went grocery shopping today and plan on cooking breakfast for her tomorrow. (She wakes up at 5:30! Yikes!)

We’re also in the middle of watching Gettysburg. Not quite right up Kendall’s alley in terms of cinematic themes but, she’s working through it to appease me. Perhaps I will watch America’s Next Top Model with her tonight in an effort to repay her efforts… Nah.


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