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Part 1 can be found here. Also, seriously? For dogs?

When we last left off, I had sent MattO a standoffish text message that was promptly returned by a phone call. Once again, I was standing at a crossroads.

I could either ignore the phone call and carry on with my date or I could pick up the phone and face the beast head on. Once again, I clearly picked up the phone.

This is how our conversation went as near as I can recollect.



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In Kendall’s post from quite some time ago, she alluded to our date night being interrupted by a crazy roommate. As some time has past and, most importantly, I have moved out of the shared living space with said roommate, I figured it was high time to relate one of our more bizarre and frustrating experiences since moving to Baton Rouge.


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I’ve tried to avoid being the type of person who gets so attached to the television that I begin to post facebook statuses (or blogging) about the T.V. shows that I watch. Alas, here we are and I’m once again doing the exact kind of thing that I didn’t want to do. I don’t doubt that this will become some kind of pattern over the course of this blog’s life.

All that aside, I’ve enjoyed Lost since my freshman year. In fact, Lost is attached to USC for many reasons for me. In the hotel room I stayed in while taking placement tests the summer before my freshman year, I saw the first episode as a rerun. It interested me but never enough to figure out what happened for the rest of its first season.

Then, during the fall of freshman year Walker Simmons stormed into Maxcy 303 yammering about some nonsense (a more than common occurence). It turned out that she had seen an episode of Lost’s second season and felt the burning desire to see what it was all about. She had no idea what was going on in the series, but she liked it.

It took probably less than three weeks for the three of us (Walker, my roommate Danny Caudy and myself) to watch the entire first season on DVD. Since then, it’s been a constant in my life that Lost will be watched and that my close friends and I will spend way too many hours trying to unravel its way too many mysteries.

Now, its final season has started and it is tough to see it away from my South Carolina friends. I missed the first episode live last night but I now consider that a blessing. I watched the two hour season opener and spent the entire episode G-Chatting with my good friend Telly Davakos. It occured to me about an hour in that the transcript of that chat would be interesting to all people. Ah, the miracles of modern technology.

I don’t believe this because I think my views and opinions on Lost are any more interesting that the many, many, many websites dedicated to its following. I just think that, if you have seen Lost, and you are the average viewers, its┬átherapeutic┬áto hear that others are just as frustrated as you. If you haven’t seen Lost, you will most likely find this transcript hilarious because of the insight and confusion it will provide you into the dark, dark world that is Lost.

Be forewarned, if you haven’t seen the first episode of this season and you plan on seeing it, you should not click the link below because it will spoil the opener for you.


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