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If you had told me that my last post about haircuts would have been the last one of 2009, I doubt I would have believed you. Sadly, neither Kendall nor I have been very faithful with this blog and, though I’m not one for New Years Resolutions (honestly, if the only thing that’s going to motivate me is an arbitrary time measurement, how likely is it that I’m going to follow through, not very likely I’d say), I’m making one.

I kept a pretty faithful journal all the way up until the summer after my Freshman year in college. I think it’ll be one of my greatest regrets when I look back on these last three or four years that I didn’t really transcribe. So, I’m making a resolution.

Even if Kendall doesn’t ever update this blog, which she won’t. I will stay faithful. That’s right nonexistent readers (except for you Teresa Mathis), you can count on me. This next year and the rest of our lives will be well documented by way of this website.

Things you missed in 2009: Engagement, Graduation, Jobs, Moving, Car Wreck, Wedding Planning, Friends’ Weddings, Peggle Wars, DT, SPRING BREAK, Skiing Shirtless, Trips to Jacksonville, Trips to the Beach, Ultimate

Things you’ll encounter in 2010: Wedding Planning, Bowl Games, Trips Home, Weddings, Honeymoon, Moving in Together, Married Life, Michael Going to School (?), Ultimate

Kendall and I celebrated the New Year on my couch with a five dollar bottle of champagne and a two dollar bottle of chocolate milk. It occurs to me at moments like this how lucky the two of us are. Texts from the Williamsons and friends, phone calls with my parents and the Eusdens and a kiss at midnight together. It’s enough to make someone else pretty jealous if you think about it.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope this one is the best one yet.

P.S. You won’t hear from us for a couple days because we’re off to see the Gamecocks play in Birmingham. Papajohns.com Bowl here we come!


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